About Tyin
Welcome to the great mountain scenery at Tyin, entrygate to Jotunheimen! Sunny and facing west in a monumental landscape near Otrøvatnet (Lake Otrø), Tyin/Filefjell in the municipal of Vang, we have highly attractive lots for sale. The Tyin area has a long history as a holiday resort summer as well as winter, and is located between lake Tyin and Filefjell. Tyin is considered the entrygate to Jotunheimen Nationalpark. A unique countryside and an abundance of adventures await you at Tyin located in the vicinity of the famous Sognefjord and majestic Jotunheimen. Click here to view images from the area.

Tyin and Jotunheimen have a long history as a wonderful place of recreation. Tourists from all over the world travelled here as early as 1900 to experience the fantastic and powerful scenery .We are gathering material and will eventually add more historic moments. Please contact us if you have any stories or pictures from the area. Click here to view historic images from the area.

Lots (Sites)
Located sunny and westwards in a monumental landscape near Lake Otrø; Tyin/Filefjell in the municipal of Vang; we are now selling some very attractive lots .The area is located along the E16 between Oslo and Bergen with about 25 miles to both cities. From Bergen you may take the new Aurdal/Lærdal tunnel. Some neighboring villages nearby are Lærdal and Årdal near the Sognefjord and Fagernes which also has an airport. Click here for link to map (click on map to enlarge).

The area has a number of overnight stops and inns. There is also a local market, petrol station, and a taxi service as well. In addition extensive development of service facilities is being planned, keeping time with remaining cottage and lift development.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on telephone +47 916 22 600 / 918 22 600 or by e-mail: info@jotunheimen-eiendom.no for further information!